If you want your drive around the Cypress area to be as smooth and comfortable as it can be—leaving you feeling like you’re riding on a cloud—keeping your vehicle’s suspension system in top condition is key.

What Does the Suspension System Do?

One of the main purposes of your suspension is to take the jarring that is created when you hit bumps in the road and buffer it. This offers you and your passengers a more pleasant, smoother ride.

And if you’ve always wondered what makes your vehicle corner so well, your suspension plays a role in that as well. The way it works is by transferring the weight from one side of your vehicle to another as you make your way through the turn.

Your vehicle’s suspension system is also responsible for keeping your tires in constant contact with the road. This is especially important to the safe handling of your vehicle in less-than-stellar road conditions, such as the rain we sometimes get in and around the Cypress area.

How Do You Know When Your Suspension Needs Repair?

In some cases, just hitting a pothole hard enough or just the right way can cause damage to certain parts of your suspension system. Other times, parts simply wear out.

If you notice that your vehicle bounces a lot while driving down the road or that it isn’t handling very well when going around curves, it’s probably a good time to bring it in to Action Auto in Cypress. It’s possible that your suspension service is in need of repair.

Another tell-tale sign that your suspension may need some work is if your tires aren’t wearing evenly. Therefore, every so often, take a walk around your vehicle and inspect them to make sure certain spots aren’t being worn down faster than others.

Suspension system repairs are like many other auto repairs in that the sooner you identify and fix the problem, the less you’re likely to pay to do it. That’s why, if you suspect that your suspension system isn’t operating at its maximum potential, it’s always best to bring it in and have us look at it. It could save you in the long run.

Action Auto in Cypress: Handling All of Your Suspension System Needs

Here at Action Auto, we are your suspension headquarters. Our trained and professional specialists are here to help you fix and customize your vehicle in a way that best fits your needs and purpose.

Whether your suspension isn’t working like it should; you want to lift or lower your car, van, truck, or SUV; you’d like to dress it up with a custom wheel and tire package; or you just want more horsepower than your stock engine, we are here for you.

We offer:
• Suspension modifications
• Lift kits
• Lowering
• Custom exhaust systems
• Suspension packages
• Trailer hitch and towing suspension upgrades
• Engine upgrades and modifications
• Clutch and transmission upgrades
• After-market accessories and installation
• Brake Repair
• Smog Check

Action Auto works with only the highest quality suspension. Call us today for a quote, to find out what packages we offer, or with any other questions you may have.