Extensive prev maint plus tire and battery reply. Excellent service and attitude
Kevin Condon Avatar
Kevin Condon
Awesome people
Asit Aithal Avatar
Asit Aithal
Oliver and Brett are great. Fantastic prices great service. I will definitely recommend this facility to my family and friends.
Scott McCabe Avatar
Scott McCabe
Brett is amazing and because of him I only go to Action Auto where I receive the absolute best service I have ever experienced.
Fred Tubbs Avatar
Fred Tubbs
Went in for an oil change and was pleasantly surprised to find they do full check up as part of the service! The pricing is very fair and the employees were nothing but helpful and cordial. I will say to get there early as it is by first come first serve and the wait time can get long.
Ariel Kang Avatar
Ariel Kang
As always, great service. Would recommend Action Auto to friends and family and never go anywhere else. Great work!
Rick Soriano Avatar
Rick Soriano
If you want to know what's wrong with your car and not be lied to and get straight to the point action autos is your place it always comes out the right way. As long as you got the money LOL
CALVIN P. Avatar
I always get great pricing, the staff are friendly, and the repairs are made within the time specified.
Bryan Shipley Avatar
Bryan Shipley
Great customer service, polite and professional. Car was fixed very quickly and reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend
Hoàng Thị Dung MN Phương Đình Avatar
Hoàng Thị Dung MN Phương Đình
Long time customer....always appreciate their recommendations.
Bob Didlock Avatar
Bob Didlock
This is the best quality auto repair shop in the area, by far. I have taken mine and all of my family's cars here for years. These guys go above and beyond to make sure your vehicle's maintenance and repairs are up to date or that you are notified of possible problems. They have a much better warranty than any other shop as well. They tell you what you need or don't need done and won't recommend things unless they find it necessary. All of my cars roll on past 200k miles because of the team at Action, they rock! The only thing they wont do is a wash and wax, lol.
maris ruby Avatar
maris ruby
Very Professional- Great Team - Through estimate - parts were more than labor … that’s a first! Highly Recommend!
Jennifer Kruse Avatar
Jennifer Kruse
What would've cost us $1500 at the dealership to replace struts, cost us half the price here at action auto. They even found things wrong that the dealership missed. That in itself speaks for how amazing they are here. We used to come here when we lived in La Palma, and having moved around, we forgot how awesome this place is. Thank you, Brett and staff for taking care of our car and us!
Paul Bustamante Avatar
Paul Bustamante
Very kind and professional. Pleasure to do business with. Thank you! :)
Gloria Hoeksema Avatar
Gloria Hoeksema
Although I am hesitant to give a great review because it will lead to longer lines, they deserve it. So far this shop seems very fair and honest.
Shulin Mueller Avatar
Shulin Mueller
I have never left a review ever but decided to for this company. Today got great professional service with no up sells and totally transparent with everything they were doing. Very professional and deserves a 5 star review.
Kasey Nielsen Avatar
Kasey Nielsen
I wanted a thorough inspection of my car. Oliver was very helpful and I had the needed repairs. The car is running great and I’m going to bring my other car in soon.
Susan Wright Avatar
Susan Wright
Everything was explained and I am happy with the warranty.
koolsoom Avatar
Been coming here for years. They have kept one of my vehicles from completely deteriorating and have solved some odd problems that I have encountered with no idea how to fix. They are also pretty darn quick, despite always being busy, and have always been able to fit me in with a more than reasonable turn around time.
smrenshaw Avatar
Knowledgeable staff, great service, fair prices.
Paul Santa Maria Avatar
Paul Santa Maria
Great deal. Quick service as promised.
Kyu Kim Avatar
Kyu Kim
Great shop for most all your auto needs. Don't hesitate to make a stop here and get your vehicles dialed in.
Dakota Smith Avatar
Dakota Smith
The folks at Action Auto are fast, efficient, courteous!
Evelyn Liebgold Avatar
Evelyn Liebgold
THE BEST place to take your car. The absolute best customer service I have ever had. Incredibly helpful and transparent, this is the ONLY place I will be taking my car. Absolutely the best!
Amanda Cooper Avatar
Amanda Cooper
As always the service provided by Action Auto was excellent. I have been going to them for over 15 years and greatly appreciate every service they provide. From oil change to major repair.
Sue Ann Slaughter Avatar
Sue Ann Slaughter
Service is very very very. Good Brett is outstanding
Ramesh Patel Avatar
Ramesh Patel
Action Auto has been an absolute blessing. I have been taking my 2004 jeep to them for the last three years and I can guarantee you that there is not a harder working group of people out there. They have had to fix multiple major issues that my prior mechanic did not know about. I can say without a doubt my Jeep would not be running if I had used another automotive shop. These guys are absolutely the best. I have had Nat and his team at Action Automotive Service every major system on my jeep and it has never run better. I even picked up 1 or 2 MPG! (That’s a lot when you average 14 city…) If that is not enough here is my favorite story of the action auto team going above and beyond. It was a 100+ degree day and I left my car running while I ran into action auto to talk to Bret about my girlfriend’s car. Little did I know while we were talking my radiator fan failed and my car overheated and the radiator ended up exploding. The explosion was so powerful it ended up damaging my AC condenser and transmission cooler. Brett was on top of it. They had my car up and running as good as new that same day. They even came up with the idea to add an additional mechanically driven fan to make sure this never happened again. Long story short. These guys are absolutely the best!
dory1018 Avatar
Always professional & priced appropriately!
shannon speer Avatar
shannon speer
Great experience. Friendly, professional. Great Yelp deal. Quick service.
Stacey Glantz Avatar
Stacey Glantz
Good place to get your car repair the employee are very knowledgeable and know your car more than you👍
Steve Mc Koy Avatar
Steve Mc Koy
My car was towed in due to the alternator failing. Despite the many customers they were helping, the work was completed that day. I appreciated that
Carole Shaw Avatar
Carole Shaw
always polite (coffee included !) Very prompt quality work
Allan Kellogg Avatar
Allan Kellogg
I love this place! I don't even live in the area and I bring ALL of my vehicles here. I have been screwed too many times by car repairs trying to upsell you on things you don't need and this place just gives it to you straight on what is needed today or gives you a heads up on issues that may become a problem in the future. Very happy I found them :)
Jennifer Murphy Avatar
Jennifer Murphy
Took my car in for a complete tune up right before an 1800 mile trip. It's a 2003 with 180,000+ miles on it, but because of these guys, my car made it and is still going strong! Thanks Action Auto!
Social Misfit Avatar
Social Misfit
Action Auto is an awesome place you get honest opinions with my experience and an added bonus AAA discount plus they will give you a ride home or pick you up so far I am very pleased with the service I have been receiving from Action Auto
Sergio Garcia Avatar
Sergio Garcia
Always a pleasant experience
Ileen Jewett Avatar
Ileen Jewett
After 20+ years at another independent mechanic, the quality of work had become suspicious and prices were soaring. I cautiously approached ACTION AUTO hoping to find a new good mechanic. They're not just good, they're fantastic! They communicate everything during the process. Straight forward estimates. Extremely reasonable prices. No surprises, and a quick turnaround time. I choose independent businesses because it's their livelihood. They need my return business and for me to tell others about them. ACTION AUTO is my go-to mechanic because they do great work.
Teena Kenworthy Avatar
Teena Kenworthy
Great customer service, guys did a great job. Reception Kelly was friendly! Would definitely recommend!
Sonia Molina Avatar
Sonia Molina
We've been going to Action Auto for many years and trust them with every aspect of our car care. They always do a great job!
Mike Flinchum Avatar
Mike Flinchum
They were informative, quick and decisive with their diagnosis. before I knew it my car was fixed and I was on my way . I will go back to them easily for any and all repairs. Thanks!
Richard Chaney Avatar
Richard Chaney