Cerritos Auto Repair

Action Auto Inc is a family-owned and operated auto repair shop in Cerrito. We have proudly served the community with reputable and reliable auto care since our opening in 1977.

Our customers have been able to count on our trustworthy and professional recommendations for automotive repairs and preventative maintenance for over 45 years. Every staff member, from our ASE certified mechanics to our front desk team, is dedicated to providing you with five-star service.

Top-Notch Automotive Repair for Domestic and Foreign Vehicles

When you need local auto repair services, you need to bring your car to the experts at Action Auto Inc. We take great pride in understanding the different needs of different vehicles. Our staff is knowledgeable on all types of vehicles, including:

  • Domestic and foreign
  • Classic or new
  • Gas powered or hybrid
  • Standard and automatic transmission

We provide many vehicle services, including preventative maintenance, routine auto repairs, and emergency replacement services. Take a look at our most popular services below.

Auto Air Conditioning

If you are experiencing air conditioning problems in your vehicle, you need a local auto repair service that you can count on to fix your car quickly! Our highly trained technicians can inspect your car’s A/C system for leaks, harmful debris, and system inefficiencies.

We have the best replacement parts and tools to seal and recharge your car’s air conditioner. All of our repair services are guaranteed and come with an unmatched warranty.

Auto Glass Repair

Small cracks or chips in your windshield can occur at any time when loose road debris hits your windshield while you’re driving. It’s much easier to have auto glass repaired when you first notice an issue versus waiting to make a repair.

Our auto repair in Cerritos can help with your auto glass repair needs. If you wait to have auto glass repair, you could wind up needing complete windshield replacement if the chip worsens into a large crack.

Brake Repair and Replacement

Did you know that you should take your vehicle in to have your brakes inspected at least once each year? Our brake service includes checking your brakes, brake pads, rotors, and more.

We can help with a single part change or full brake replacement.

Our brake repair in Cerritos is fast and convenient because we always keep a wide selection of brake parts in stock. Don’t delay your Cerritos brake repair, call us to schedule brake service today.

Engine Repair & Replacement

Engine troubles can stump even the most savvy car enthusiast. If you experience engine trouble or notice that your check engine light is on, bring your vehicle in to our mechanic in Cerritos.

When you bring your car to our auto repair shop, we will read the diagnostic code and perform system tests to determine the cause of the problem. A mechanic will be able to make any major engine repairs to get your car’s engine running in optimal condition.

Oil, Lube & Filter Changes

Your vehicle should be brought in for an oil change every three to five months or every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Our Cerritos oil change technicians will be able to help you choose the best oil for your car.

Our oil change service also includes changing the oil filter as well as a multi-point inspection. A multi-point inspection can identify areas of your vehicle that are ready for routine maintenance.

Radiator & Cooling System Service

Your automotive maintenance should always include checking the radiator for coolant. Your car’s radiator is what keeps the car from overheating. Of course, you should always bring your vehicle in for repair services if you notice any leaks, your coolant light comes on, or your car overheats.

A Cerritos mechanic can identify any coolant leaks or problems with your radiator. They will be able to make repairs or install a replacement radiator if necessary.

Shocks & Struts Service

Your suspension is usually made up of shocks or struts. These are the parts of your car that not only keep your car ride smooth, but it’s what keeps your tires on the ground while your car is moving on uneven surfaces.

You might need automotive work on your suspension if your car isn’t handling well. Signs that you need service on your shocks or struts include difficulty turning the steering wheel, a bouncing feeling when you drive over minor road bumps, and feeling like your car dips when you press on the brakes.

Bring your car to us for quick auto repair service near you, and as for a suspension inspection to ensure your car continues to ride smoothly.

Tire Replacement

Keeping your car in good repair means having tires with ample thread that are in good condition. Tire repairs can be made for minor issues, but eventually, you’ll need to replace your tires.

While it’s not necessary to see an automotive mechanic to pick out new tires, our trained automotive technicians can assist you with selecting tires that fit your vehicle if you are in need of tire replacement.

Transmission Repair & Replacement

It’s essential to keep your car’s transmission in good working order whether your car’s transmission is standard or automatic. An automotive mechanic can inspect your transmission and make repair recommendations if you notice symptoms related to transmission failure.

The common signs of transmission failure include grinding gears, shaking while in gear, fluid leak, unusual noises when your car is in neutral, and an illuminated check engine light.

Our transmission shop can help with a variety of transmission services including fluid top off, transmission repair, gear and clutch replacement, whole system transmission replacement, and more.

Parts and Services

At Action Auto Inc., we can help with your regular automotive maintenance needs and emergency auto repair services. We use only the best parts from trusted, name-brand manufacturers. Here are just a few more parts and services our local automobile mechanics can help you with:


Auto Electric

Axle Repair & Replacement

Catalytic Converters

Chassis & Suspension


Control Arms

Custom Exhaust

CV Joints

Fluid Exchanges

Fuel Injectors

Oil Changes

Power Steering


When you’re looking for an automotive repair shop you can trust, call Action Auto Inc. at (714) 826-1880.