Nat Briganti - Owner

Action Auto owner Nat Briganti started taking lawn mowers apart and putting them back together as a kid. He took auto shop in high school and by his senior year, he was the assistant teacher for the girls’ auto mechanics class. A couple of his friends had gotten jobs fixing brakes and front wheel alignments at a local auto repair shop. Nat was hired to clean up. When one of the guys broke his leg, Nat took over his job temporarily. He did such a terrific job that he got the job permanently. After a few years, he went to work as a mechanic at a nearby dealership and within 3 years he became the top paid mechanic. Others soon encouraged him to start his own business. So, at the age of 23 he bought what is now Action Auto.

After 33 years in business, Nat’s shop has grown from a 3000 sq. ft. repair shop with his office in one of the service bays into a thriving 8500 sq. ft. business with a newly refurbished customer area with computer stations and a comfortable lounge area with TV’s and free popcorn. Although loaner cars are available, many customers choose to work or relax in the customer lounge. Nat’s daughter works at Action Auto and his son, who is only 8 years old, is already looking forward to taking his place in the shop one day.

Nat is proud to be repairing vehicles for his second generation customers. Many of his customers first came to Action Auto as children along with their parents. Now, when it’s their turn to get repairs for their own cars, they knew to come to Action Auto. Nat only sells his customers what they need. He wants to build trust and he looks forward to continuing to serve future generations.

Brett Heskett - General Manager

Brett has 24 years of experience in the automotive industry, 12 of those as manager at Action Auto. He took an auto repair ROP class sweeping floors and installing tires and within a year he was managing his first auto repair in Orange County. Brett is a workaholic, but when he does have some spare time, he is enjoying the lake near his home or on his street biking with his wife. They celebrated their 22nd anniversary this year and have four children aged 10-16.

His favorite saying about auto repair and life is, “It is what it is”. He says, “We don’t sugar coat what needs to be done on a vehicle and we won’t sell a customer anything they don’t need”. He says Action Auto isn’t the cheapest auto repair shop in Orange County and he doesn’t want to be either. “To be the cheapest you would have to use inferior parts and offer inferior warranties. To get quality you have to use quality, original equipment and parts. We do it the way I would fix my car or my mother’s car. “All the mechanics are ASE certified master technicians. They are the best of the best. “We hire the best to give the best service”. Like Nat, Brett enjoys seeing the clientele bringing in their kids for auto repairs. “It’s nice to watch the torch continue to be passed to the next generation.

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Office Manager

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Lead Master Technician

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