Transmission Repair

The transmission in your vehicle is what allows it to switch gears. When the transmission is not working as it should, it can be extremely dangerous and a repair is needed as soon as possible. Choose Action Auto for your Cypress, CA transmission repair.

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Cypress CA Transmission Repairs and Services

What types of repairs do we offer our Cypress CA customers within the 90630 and 90720 zip codes? While there are many, a few of our most common transmission repair services include transfer case repairs and rebuilt transmissions. We also offer transmission coolers and transmission flushes if your vehicle needs one of these services. Action Auto services all types of transmissions. Whether you are having trouble with a manual transmission or automatic transmission, we are here to help. We also have the knowledge and skill to handle issues with 4x4 transmissions, all-wheel drive transmissions, continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), and diesel transmissions.

Providing Foreign and Domestic Transmission Repair for Our Cypress CA Customers

At Action Auto, we provide both foreign and domestic transmission repairs. This includes Ford transmission repairs, Dodge transmission repairs, Chevrolet transmission repairs, Chrysler transmission repairs, Honda transmission repairs, Mercedes transmission repairs, Subaru transmission repairs, Hyundai transmission repairs. No matter the make and model of your Cypress CA vehicle, we have a transmission repair solution that can get you back on the road in no time.

How to Know When you Need Transmission Repair

The first step to obtaining transmission repair for your Cypress CA vehicle is realizing that you have a transmission problem in the first place. A few of the most common signs of transmission-related issues are:

• A burnt fluid smell
• A “slipping” of the gears when you’re driving
• A noticeable delay between gear changes
• Transmission pops back to neutral after being in gear
• Strange noises when the car is in neutral, such as a grinding or clunking
• If it’s a manual vehicle, grinding noises when pushing in the clutch

Sometimes problems such as these can be either avoided or corrected solely by changing your vehicle’s transmission fluid or doing a transmission flush. Other times more in-depth services are required to effectively fix the issue, such as a transmission rebuild or replacement.

What’s the Difference Between a Transmission Rebuild and Transmission Replacement?

If your transmission is experiencing major issues, one of our skilled technicians may recommend a transmission rebuild or a transmission replacement. What’s the difference? With a transmission rebuild, the transmission is removed, the case is opened, and all worn or damaged parts are replaced. This generally involves replacing seals and O-rings, gaskets and valves, or clutch components and filters. Another option is to request a transmission replacement. In this case, an entirely new transmission is placed in your vehicle, thereby resolving any issues it may be having.

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