La Palma Auto Repair

Action Auto Inc. has been a family-owned and operated auto repair shop since 1977. We are known in the community for our superior automotive repair because we have high values and unmatched expertise. Our staff takes great pride in the services we provide. We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations and deliver five-start service during every visit.

We employ master mechanics that are highly trained, and ASE certified. Additionally, we are an A.A.A.-approved auto repair shop and members of the Better Business Bureau. Bring your vehicle in for regular automotive maintenance or a much-needed car repair to see why we have been a community favorite for over 45 years.

Auto Care You Can Trust

Unfortunately, not all automotive mechanics have as good of a reputation as the mechanics at Action Auto Inc. That’s because our auto mechanics don’t pressure customers into unnecessary automotive maintenance or repairs. When you come into Action Auto Inc., you can count on us for transparency and professionalism. We only give recommendations for auto services you actually need.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Here are the most common preventative maintenance services recommended by our mechanics to keep your vehicle running smoothly

Oil, Lube & Filter Changes

Bring your car in for our fast and thorough La Palma oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. We’ll not only help you choose the right lubricant for your car, but we’ll also complete a multi-point inspection to ensure your car is safe and running at peak performance.

Brake Service

Your car should be seen at least once a year, or every 12,000 miles for La Palma brake service. You should also bring your car in if you notice any of the signs that your breaks are worn, including:

  • Hearing a high-pitched squeal when you brake
  • The feeling of a spongy brake pedal
  • Feeling or hearing grinding when you brake
  • Seeing dust on your tires after you’ve driven your car

These are the most common signs that your car needs brake repair or brake replacement. We inspect your brake pads, shoes, drums, and rotors when you bring your car in for La Palma brake repair.

Radiator & Cooling System Service

Another part of your car that should be routinely checked is your radiator. Your radiator is important because it keeps your car from overheating. If your car is overheating, it could mean that you have a coolant leak or your car’s coolant level is low. We’ll check your radiator and coolant levels when you bring your car in for auto maintenance.

Transmission Repair & Replacement

The transmission is the part of your vehicle that shifts gears. You might need to bring your car into our transmission shop if your car is slipping gears, there’s a delay between gear changes, or there are unusual noises coming from your transmission when your vehicle is in neutral.

These are all signs you might need transmission repair. If transmission repair doesn’t fix the problem, or there is extensive damage to your transmission, we are able to help with complete transmission replacement.

Shocks & Struts Service

Our auto service includes checking your vehicle’s suspension. Your suspension is important because it keeps your ride smooth, even while driving on uneven surfaces. In addition to repairing your vehicle’s suspension, we offer a variety of after-market add-ons that can help your car perform better. Visit us for lift kits, lowering, custom suspension, and more.

Auto Repair Service in La Palma

There are times when your car will need to be serviced apart from preventative maintenance. If you are experiencing engine trouble, your air conditioner isn’t working, the tires are worn, or you notice chips or cracks in your windshield, schedule an appointment to have your automotive work completed by one of our La Palma mechanics.

Engine Repair & Replacement

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Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Bring your car to our local automobile mechanic if your A/C system isn’t blowing cool air. Our mechanic in La Palma can inspect your system for leaks, broken fuses, hose damage, and more. We can get your car cooling again with services like A/C repair or freon recharge.

Tire Replacement

Keeping your vehicle’s tires in good condition can prevent hydroplaning, poor performance, and even a blowout. We offer tire replacement services if your tire tread is bare or your tires are worn unevenly. Our trained technicians can help you select the tires that will perform best on your vehicle.

Auto Glass Repair

You can sometimes avoid a full windshield replacement by bringing your vehicle in for auto glass repair. Don’t put off glass repair services as the damage can worsen easily. Action Auto Inc. can repair minor cracks and small chips with our same-day glass repair services.

Parts You Can Trust

At Action Auto Inc, we use only reputable parts that come standard with nationwide warranties. We help to ensure you receive the fastest auto repair services with minimal downtime by keeping many parts on hand, including:


Auto Electric

Catalytic Converters

Chassis & Suspension


Control Arms

CV Joints


Fuel Injectors


Services You Can Rely On

Our auto shop provides the most extensive services for automotive repair and replacement. We also provide custom work for customers who are interested in making unique upgrades to their vehicles. Call us for preventative maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, including:

Axle Repair & Replacement

Custom Exhaust Systems

Fluid Exchanges

Fuel Injector Cleaner

Oil Changes

Power Steering Repair

All the Comfort and Convenience You Want

Our customer lounge is the cleanest and most comfortable of any auto shop in La Palma. When you bring your vehicle in for local auto repair service, you’ll enjoy sitting on one of our oversized couches or working at our convenient computer stations. We offer free wifi and provide unlimited complimentary coffee. Free car washes are also available upon request. We’re so sure you’ll love our five-star service that it’s guaranteed!

When you’re looking for reliable auto repair service in La Palma, call Action Auto, Inc. at (714) 826-1880.